PayLessUsenet has two server farms available to our members, one in North America and another in Europe. Use the farm closest to your location for best performance.

North American Servers:

European Servers:

Open Ports across all servers:
20 23 53 80 443 119 2000 880 8080 9000 9001 9002

Secure SSL port:


Note: Authentication is required on both servers. Use your PayLessUsenet username and password, case does matter.


Is your connection to PayLessUsenet slower than normal?
More and more Internet Service Providers are blocking or throttling USENET news traffic (NNTP). If your download speed starts dropping from normal rates, try using one of our alternate access ports listed above.  If you run into this problem, edit your newsreader configuration to use port 80 instead of the default 119 port.  You should restart your newsreader after making the change. Then try the other ports if needed. If still no improvement, contact our support team. does not control newsgroups available on USENET. does not post or control content posted in USENET newsgroups. Each newsgroup and each post created are the sole responsibility of those who created them. does not control what individuals post to USENET newsgroups. does not control what content is posted to or downloaded from USENET newsgroups. does not review content posted to USENET newsgroups. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and to ensure these actions are legal and lawful. Individuals are responsible for content viewed within USENET newsgroups. When you become a member, you are agreeing not to transfer copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright holder. An individual newsgroup name in and of itself does not mean that what is posted to that group corresponds to newsgroup name.