This quick start guide is intended to get you up and accessing newsgroups as fast as possible using a few simple steps. This guides will get you access to the PayLessUsenet newsgroup servers without all of the technical mess. Fortunately, using PayLess USENET groups is easier than ever thanks to new newsreaders that do most of the technical parts for you.

To access USENET newsgroups, you need the following.

1. Your PayLessUsenet account - sign up here if you have not done so.
2. A newsgroup reader - the program used to download from the PayLess USENET newsgroups.
3. Access to an indexing site - site where you browse and search for things to download from the newsgroups.


Step 1 - Sign up for PayLessUsenet newsgroups service

PayLessUsenet offers multiple service plans to meet the download needs of everyone. Remember, every account starts as a 5-Day, 5GB FREE Trial Program. You are not charged during the trial period. You may cancel at anytime during the trial period, free of charge.

Step 2 - Get a good newsreader

There are many free newsreaders available these days. The usually offer limited features and tend to be a bit more complicated to use than the commercial versions. PayLessUsenet recommends using NewsBin Pro . This is one of the best newsreaders available and is easy to use. The software comes with a 10-Day trial period, so trying cost you nothing.

A newsreader will require the following information to be entered in the program's setup fields.
Server: (North America) or (Europe)
Authentication: Check box "Required" or "Authentication Required"
username: Your PayLessUsenet Username ( gn???????? )
password: Your PayLessUsenet Password

Step 3 - Access an indexing site

While not required, an USENET indexing site makes finding downloads from newsgroups much easier. Individual newsgroups may contain several million posts, and receive a new million posts each day. Browsing through these articles manually is very time consuming. An indexing site is similar to a search engine such as Google. You enter your search keyword(s) and the site provides the results in an easy to use NZB file which is loaded directly into NewsBin Pro. This NZB file contains the article details needed to the start the download process. The cost for an indexing site is only a few dollars per month and well worth the expense for members downloading from the more popular newsgroups - ie the alt.binaries .

Free Indexing Sites - Free site; Registration required for full access. - Free site; Indexes over 6500 newsgroups.

Premium Index Sites - Cost is approx $1.00 per month. NewzBin is one of the best indexing sites available. -  Cost is $5.50 per month. Most costly, but indexing is automatic using special USENET crawlers.



 does not control newsgroups available on USENET. does not post or control content posted in USENET newsgroups. Each newsgroup and each post created are the sole responsibility of those who created them. does not control what individuals post to USENET newsgroups. does not control what content is posted to or downloaded from USENET newsgroups. does not review content posted to USENET newsgroups. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and to ensure these actions are legal and lawful. Individuals are responsible for content viewed within USENET newsgroups. When you become a member, you are agreeing not to transfer copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright holder. An individual newsgroup name in and of itself does not mean that what is posted to that group corresponds to newsgroup name.