GigiFact: Most people do not use their USENET account every day of the month. So, why do other USENET providers charge the full monthly price? Not at PayLessUsenet!  Never pay full price for USENET newsgroups service when you can't use your account everyday. PayLessUsenet is the only USENET newsgroup service provider to offer discounts for each day your account is not used.

What is the PayLessDays Discount Program?
Every day your account is not used, you earn a PayLessDays discount point. PayLessDays discount points are accumulated throughout the billing period. At account renewal time, your next month subscription is discounted 1% for each PayLessDays discount points earned. Only PayLessUsenet lets you save while doing nothing at all.

Quick Example
An account is not used for 10 days in one 30-day billing cycle, earning 10 PayLessDays points. At renewal time, your monthly subscription is reduced by 10%. The discount is applied automatically. It really is this simple.

How the PayLessDays Discount Program Works
When a PayLessUsenet account has no bandwidth usage for several hours, the account is "paused".  Don't worry, the account is still Active in the billing system and easily "unpaused' simply be logging into the PayLessUsenet Control Panel. By "pausing" an account, we are able to free up valuable computing resources and focus these resources on active accounts, those actively downloading. This means faster authentication and downloads for everyone!

My account is "paused", now what?
This means your account is earning big discounts on your monthly subscription!  To "unpause" an account, simply log into the PayLessUsenet Control Panel. When logged into the control panel, accounts are automatically "unpaused".



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