Why PayLessUsenet Newsgroups?

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1. PayLessDays Discount Program
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Trying PayLess Usenet newsgroups is completely risk free! PayLessUsenet includes a 5 day, 5GB trial program for every new member. During this trial period, you have up to 5GB of bandwidth and 5 days to try PayLess Usenet newsgroups.

3. Reliability
PayLessUsenet understands reliability = usability. That's why we work very hard to stay ahead of the congestion crunch most provider dread each weekend along with top notch completion and ever growing retention rates.

4. Retention
PayLessUsenet now offers more than 400+ days of USENET newgroup retention, growing to 400 days soon.

5. Speed
PayLessUsenet maintains multiple gigibit internet backbones, giving you all the speed you need to fully enjoy our USENET newgroups.

6. Completion
PayLessUsenet offers over 99% completion with our extensive network of USENET peers. This means fewer corrupt and incomplete posts for our members.

7. Uncensored USENET Newgroups
PayLessUsenet provides fast and reliable access to over 100,000 active USENET newsgroups. Never worry about missing an article again and find all of the information you want.

8. Privacy
PayLessUsenet will never share or sell your personal information to anyone or track your downloads unless required by law.

9. Security
Never pay extra for secure USENET access. PayLessUsenet includes 256-bit SSL Encrypted USENET access with every account to help protect our members from identity and account theft.

10. Incredible Value
The value of PayLessUsenet's USENET service is our high completion rates, ever growing retention days, and our committment to you as we provide the best service possible. PayLessUsenet saves you time and money by providing a service free from server downtime, incomplete or missing posts, and congested networks. PayLessUsenet is always on, always the highest quality, and exceeding our member expectations.

PayLessUsenet.com does not control newsgroups available on USENET. PayLessUsenet.com does not post or control content posted in USENET newsgroups. Each newsgroup and each post created are the sole responsibility of those who created them. PayLessUsenet.com does not control what individuals post to USENET newsgroups. PayLessUsenet.com does not control what content is posted to or downloaded from USENET newsgroups. PayLessUsenet.com does not review content posted to USENET newsgroups. Individuals are responsible for their own actions and to ensure these actions are legal and lawful. Individuals are responsible for content viewed within USENET newsgroups. When you become a PayLessUsenet.com member, you are agreeing not to transfer copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright holder. An individual newsgroup name in and of itself does not mean that what is posted to that group corresponds to newsgroup name.